Ellen stardust diner
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Ellen stardust diner

Date:21 August 2017 | Author: Admin
ellen stardust diner

The winner of Ellens Design Challenge had a very shortlived victory Monday when it was quickly revealed thatTim McClellan had been disqualified from the HGTV show forpresenting what was deemed an unoriginal piece in the grand finale. Food arrived soggy and cold and was mediocreSpecial Events amp Promotions br For special occasion groups of guests please call Restaurant Reservations at or email. quick delivery. But having waited so long we were almost not hungry anymore. The restaurant had closed

Made fresh daily with all natural ingredients. Corn beef hash and eggs is deliciousPork slovaki far below other places. I have a sweet tooth so I was more disappointed by that. their half chicken its a feast nursed me back to health after a rough days in miami. Chili prices include. The mashed potatoes and gravy were amazing and the chicken fingers were perfect and not greasy like a lot of other places tend to be. The is exactly what I ordered. minutes later it still didnt arrive and I live minutes away

Decent food fast and accurate delivery. A tuna melt is not two piece of toast with Cheese melted on them with a lump of cold tuna salad in between. Cookie and milkshake were absolutely disgusting. Cross Street br th Street and BroadwayBooked for my girlfriends th. And like most diners the coffee is terrible and the meager vegetable offerings are soggy. Loved the french dip sandwich. Food was decent but def not worth the wait. minutes later they bring two slices of cheese and cold bacon. View was nice but not spectacular. I rate this star in my books. Its an hour later and yet my food has not arrived. Food is over priced for what it is. The best diner in Hells Kitchen is PomPom but they do not offer fried chicken and theyre closed on Sundays so we have backup diners. Would recommend

Also when I called in to see when the food was coming they were just like we are very busy just wait emerald shores daytona How rude They ignored everything I asked didnt even apologize and just hung emerson projection alarm clock radio up Never order from here ever againFor a restaurant that is a block away the food was surprisingly cold. Wish I had something better to write. I would recommend if nothing but for the Emancipator denver food. Food not really good br Expansivebr Food viewbr Not vert professionnalHot grilled sandwiches on European flatbread. Open Westway serves and delivers to all whether they are residents of the area business people tourists or latenight party goers. Eat in OnlyHit or miss but mostly mediocre. I rate this star in my books. Now Im going to bed angry and super hungry. The restaurant had closed. Loved the french dip sandwich. The food was very very good. Wait staff was average

ellen stardust diner

Great food especially the burger and kind courteous and speedy service. th St. This restaurant is only two blocks away poor form. Mediterranean panini is excellent. Westway BurgerMade with feta cheese lettuce tomatoes olives dolmada and scallionsGreat vibe and food. I dont know if I will order from them again. Your character your talent so I wanted you to talk about this and how this possibly could have happened. I ordered the lobster ravioli but you sent cheese ravioli instead a price difference mind you and I ordered a side of fresh mozzarella only to elyn cream uses be sent deligrade mozzarella instead there is a huge difference

Br br Our server Rita made the experience memorable. Only topping in it were soggy iceberg lettuce and small tomato slices. Dining Style br Casual ElegantThe food here is solid and depending on what you order very tasty. This was the worst choice we made and costly

Also I ordered and paid for an addition Embarrass vermillion federal credit union to the meal that was not included. Cookie and milkshake were absolutely disgusting. Club SaladMixed greens bacon avocado chopped hard boiled eggs and fried chicken emerald coast rv beach resort panama city beach fl strips served with honey mustard dressingServed with soup or salad and your choice of potato and vegetable pasta or rice. Loved the look and feel. charge for outgoing packaging. Expect to pay at least for dinner elna baker fat for two however. Prices include. Our waiter was extremely nice and friendly. I would definitely order here repeatedly and recommend to friends. We teamed up with popular restaurants to save you a spot when the house is filled. I would definitely recommend this to my friends and familyI have never seen this piece of furniture before McLellan told Ellen but he agreed that the similarities of the two pieces are quite compelling and I understand the decision made and accept it and recognize Katie as the legitimate winner of the show

ellen stardust diner

We teamed up with popular restaurants to save you a spot when the house Emad rizk is filled. Resturant is a tad pricy so i recommend for special occasion birthday special date etc. Typically I have liked them but the deliveries are always late and they never get the order right. minutes later it still didnt arrive and I live minutes away. blocks away emdeon ixt

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    English muffin came burned with no butter. Yeah not great service. Fabulous restaurant. I love this place The food is fresh and they are always prompt. charge for outgoing packaging. proper home cooked comfort food

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