Ellen degeneres studio mailing address

Date:12 July 2017 | Author: Admin
ellen degeneres studio mailing address

I wish you would pick me because i really cant afford to buy anything for my son or my grandchildren and you are my only hope right now. After my last husband passed away a friend if mine in Indiana called a friend in Virginia who called Tom in Florida then Tom called me in California. I am a teacher who was sadly laid off in. We love your show and hope its around for another years. The web site is above and also the thrift shoppe were have been employed for two years and finally were making a little profit. My Christmass are all nightmares

I am my husband was only. I would LOVE to be a part of your Days of Christmas Give Away. Please give me a chance to meet u n be on ur xmas show. I would love to be able to send her and her sister on a vacation because they desperately need it. My Christmass are all nightmares. it is very hard for me to take a vacation with my job. I would love to send my husband Allan to ur days of Christmas

Ive loved you from back during your sitcom days and used to watch it with my mother who adored you. Thank you for your consideration. I just turned a few weeks ago and my husband had a surprise party for me. I hope and pray you pick us to come to your days of Christmas. My wife and I would like to attend one of your Christmas Give aways because she has never been to a live show. While the Grandparents spoil the Grandkids for the dayI dont want to compete with a sad story I just want to stay please. I love your comedy your TV Shows and now your talk showOlass. I always dream of a day I could give so much to others in need. Youbr Are such a gracious host with a beautiful sense ofbr Humor. We always love watching your shows. For the past years you have been an amazing inspiration to me and at a point in my life when I didnt think laughter or even a smile was possible you were there to prove otherwise. We went on a cruise for our honeymoon but unfortunately I was quarnteeed to our cabin for of the days and lost lbs during that time. My wife and I have been huge fans and would love to attend your days of christmas givaway. But anyway my mom and I would love to come to your days of Christmas

I just wish that I can have a weekend to myself and still have the funds to take care of my kids father is incarcerated for years and it is hard. I would like to come to your show i live in bullhead az. Thank you for all you do and I hope to see you in DecemberHi Ellen I love you You are the BUSINESS GURL YOU GOT IT GOING ON I love the way uou groove. We then went our separate ways both married twice before. And remember Ellen know body loves you more than Porshe and I. I was so broke she filled my refridgerator full she gave me a cell phone to use for a year till my credit was back on track she has been an angel in my life even helped when my daughter need clothes for high school Her name is Lisa a redondo thanks debraHey ellen i watch your show and i look up to you i wish i can come on your show that would be awesome and i dont want gifts i would give it to my family cause there the ones who need itEllen I would love to win. They miss their dads and we are doing our best to just get through the holidays. Over the last years my husband has elizabeth b?thory had brain Elyria police scanner surgery twice two hip replacement and Cataract surgery and one pending. Its hard to find a job and pay bills. keep dancing ellenHey EllenMy name is Shannon Jodie Rains is my cousin she told about the days of Christmas giveaways my aunt Vicky has been awesome my mom elk antler dog chews passed away last april she has always been like a mother to me and has been there for me it would be great if she could see your show I hope if its possible if all three of us could be there I love her very much and if anyone deserves to go she does. embers steak house We has just celebrated our yr anniversary on Jan . THANK YOUHi Ellenmy husband and I would love to come to your show you are the most amazing person we have seen on a tv show Thank you for bringing joy and laughter to not only me but my family We love you Ellenplease pick usHi Ellenwiggle Please pick me

I m elphicks fishery writing to because I never have money to get my family gifts and if you pick me to come to one of your shows I will be able to forget about my very stressful life and who knows if Im really lucky maybe I could be picked for a chance to go to a give away show and will finally be able to get everyone gifts this year. Hello Ellen. Ive always wished to go to one of ur shows meet amp see you close up in person. Since then he s done tours and a year in Korea. My family grew up down the shore. its been very hard for my family because emdeon ixt now i have to slow am a cna worked in nursing homes for yrs and childrens hospital in denver for yrs swedish hospital for have seen and learned alot bad and good. Your laughter and spirit has made a difference in my Moms laughsounds crazy to say but so trueWhats wonderful about her as a cultural figure is that it worked so wonderfully alongside political activism says Jessica Halem a comedian and gayrights activist. We call it a doggie dude ranch. I miss her so much and if we can reunite by going to your show would be awesome Thank you Kelly ambrosino

My daughter watches you all the time and loves when you have Justin Bieber on the show. br Peacebr KathleenHey ellen I love your show I watch it every day and my sister and love u so much and when u dance I be like go ellen its a blessing how u bless people on your show and help would love for u to pick me to be in your day of christmas giveaway. dear ellen I have two daughters one raised a child by herself and she is sending him to college now. You are so funny. and the air conditioner quit workind and it is so terrible the tires are as slick as a babys bottom we just have no money i get food stamps and my friend lrts me live with her to help me out i give her monthly for rent and elelctric and i pay my phone bill the rest is for insurance on her truck and for medicines and well etc i am so hoping you will help me with this i will be in debt to you i will pay you back so much a month if that would be ok i was going to say the electric heart pump i have is called a LVAD PLEASE LOOK IT UP AND IT WILL TELL YOU ABOUT WHAT I HAVE ELLEN I LOVE YOU AND PORSHE SO MUCH I JUST REALLY NEED YOUR HELP I NORMALLY DONT ASK FOR HRLP SO PLEASE FIND IT IN YOUR HEART TO HELP ME I KNOW YOU WILL I HAVE FAITH IN YOU I WILL PRAY FOR YOU LOVE YOU VERY MUCH MELISSA J HAWKINSlovebr Tara HeydarHi Ellen I love your show and I would love to be there for your days of christmas show in person and be able to get up on the stage and dance with you if all is possible

And it just cut us off so we now have a two part letter. It would just wonderful to be able to attend your show and visit my niece at the same time and make my christmas a little less stressful. she is and I owe her the world I love her so much just to see her Elkins wv hotels smile would make me so happyi have daughters very beautiful i am years old and i have never been able to give them very much for christmas i would love love love to have tickets to your show this would be something they could always remember i love your showGood Day to you Ellen bigthumb Iam a emas offshore services pte ltd fan of your show bowdown nothing makes me happier than a good laugh rofl and danicing while wating your show wiggle. But we my sisters have sorvived and become stronger for it. I would really be homered if i could get tickets to your am a single mother with four kids. Im years old my parents ruined my birthday when theh told me they were getting a divorice. Love Delores PICK ME PLEASEPlease pick my daughter an I for your emilie kaman ticket giveaway. My social securiy and retirement income is all that is keeping us off the street. I miss her so much and if we can reunite by going to your show would be awesome Thank you Kelly ambrosino. If you can please give us two tickets elite qb camp to attend your show on the thyou would be our Angel br Please Help. His quote was cancer is disgusting my best friend my wife fought this for years and we still lost But maybe she won she is in the hands of God. I would hold you in my heart forever Thank you for considering us

I am struggling terribly both emotionally and financially. I would love to surprise my sister with tickets to your days of emeril lagasse shrimp creole Xmas show. For the past years you have been an amazing inspiration to me and at a point in my life when I didnt think laughter or even a smile was possible you were Emergen c vitamin c packets there to prove otherwise. Good Evening Ellen. Sometimes life can bring the greatest sunshine. My husband works so hard and I would love to do something special for him

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    Im one of your biggest fan. We run a dairy in Humboldt County Ca and time off is very limited so a trip like this would be totally awesome Thank youWOW Im so in hopes of getting to come share in the Christmas showing with my x ha ha I promise this will be all good we are friends and are from the seventies group and know how fun you are and would be honored to come share in the Christmas of days of Christmas It is so funny watching you because I feel as if you and I habeas met or something your great anyway could u present me those tickets to your show THANKSI would love be in your christmas love your show n how wonderful you are. I think u r an amazing person and a very generous person. All i could think about was my kids Sarah who is and my son who is. I would really love to see your Christmas show and surprise my daughter with tickets

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