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Our company has been in car sales for over 23 years and sell great cars at a low price. If we don’t have what you want we can      get it, just give us a call with the make and model of the car you want to get and we can find it for you. We can also sell your        car as well by listing it online or at an auction.

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We buy mostly bank repo cars, trucks, boats, motorcycles, motor homes, etc. We can also buy and sell cars at local car auctions for a quick and easy sale. Our company also buys cars with a 10% deposit. Any make or model of your choice. If you need assistance in shipping out of state or to another country worldwide we can find the best shipping rate also. We register all of our vehicles so you don’t worry about going to the DMV and we also do not charge any additional fees for registration or processing fees. Sale tax and registration only. Give us a call we will be very glad to help.

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Email: istar6161@gmail.com

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